Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black Bodice Applique

From the seller:
A Victorian bodice applique` that is still sewn on the the original muslin foundation with the sale price of $2.75 marked on the muslin surface. The foundation of the collar is very delicate and all the beads are in tact...none missing since the applique` has never been used. The dimentions are approximately 15" x 15" at it's widest points. There are some tiny pinholes in the silk (approximately 10). They are not major flaws and would not even be seen if on a black foundation. Very good condition.

From Me:

These types of pieces - a black sheer overlay with black beading- were very popular at the end of the Victorian into the Edwardian era. Given the cut of this one, I'd put it at Turn of the Century, into the Edwardian era.

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