Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romantic Pale Pink Lace Gown

From the seller:

This dress was purchased from the same estate I purchased the Doucet

dress from. Same owner.

Absolutely stunning ,romantic,sweet afternoon Art Nouveau dress, could

easily have been worn as a wedding dress or graduation dress.

This dress has a high waist,but not quite a empire waist.

The dress consists of three layers. First is a stronger

silk satin that has been weighted down with lots of satin covered

small discs and the hem ends in a knife pleated hem.

On top satin is a very very fine silk chiffon and on top

that the silk lace with the all made lace medallions.

The neckline is wide scope neck adorned with silk

tulle,pleats and wide collar made of handmade lace

medallions. Small hand covered silk balls scattered around.

( some missing )

The cummerbund featured,is attached .It is 8" wide and ends in

silk tassels.

The sleeves are cut straight with cotton tulle pleats turning up. Very


The soft hobble skirt look just finishes off this Art Nouveau dress

Sold as is

From Me:

This frothy delight is probably from the early 1910's. I'd totally wear this tonight just because it looks so lovely!

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