Friday, February 10, 2012

Cute Turn of the Century Swimsuit

From the seller:

This very old woman's bathing dress and bloomers set appears to be from the 1890's.
It has been used, and shows some wear. The dress has several worn spots (holes) on the back of the left sleeve, aat the bottom of the skirt on the left on the waistband etc., and there is some staining and yellowing of the white collar. The bloomers are missing a button on the waistband, have at least a couple of small holes in the back, one hole in the front, and several holes at the cuffs.
I don't know what the fabric is, but it looks like linnen to me.
The maker's label is mostly gone and no printing remains.

From Me:

I'm thinking early 1900's on this one. I love that both pieces are still together. I only wish the seller provided more pictures!

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