Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pretty Copper Bustle Era Dress

From the seller:

This auction is for an original late 1870 to early 1880s Victorian two piece bustle gown dress. A quite lovely dress, the overall fabric of the bodice and skirt is luxurious dark copper shaded satin and the gorgeous glass and steel beading w/ larger teardrop dangles are also a wonderful shade of glistening copper. The brown buckram lined 7 metal stayed bodice has a very interesting construction, On each side between the large medallion beading is narrow vertical tucks; a 2/3 down hidden hook and eye closure. The lower part is a button closure, 8 of 8 wonderful original buttons moved 1 inch, with old placement marks. these GREAT BUTTONS have silver metal backs, and delicate mother of pearl insets and a silver button center; one inset missing. The long sleeves have matching medallion and dangling beading on the cuff. It is in overall good sound condition, with some underarm marks, very light on the inside. A fully lined very billowy pleated bustled skirt, with a more protruding bustle it could actually be much more prominent in the back than I have displayed. There are actually two skirts, the top layer being lighter and not lined while the underskirt is fully lined. The front to side has a wonderful 5" to 6" graduating smocked area. The back bustle area is an added privacy panel attached at the waistband this area may need simple reinforcing stitching There is small area at the edge of the chintz waistand where you may wish to add some stitches. Approximate measurements are 34" bust, 26" bust and 39" from top of waistband to hem in the front and back. In overall very good condition, Truely a superb example for Vicctoian Gown of this era. You will not be disappointed. Happy Bidding!

From Me:

Most of the awkwardness of the dress is just due to how it's being displayed. You can see the gathers in the back would are common for a Bustle Era day dress.

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