Friday, February 24, 2012

Red Young Miss Gown from the 1890's

From the seller:

Auth Antique vtg 1865 red silk 5pc dress set. had a costumer look at it, she said it was made in 1865, thats the style they wore at that time. so she could tell me when it was made. material is definitely a silk. with the bodice being a little darker, and more a fine raw silk. has red lace and yellow flowers, which i just put on the shoulders, because they arent sewn on. dont see any stains on the outfit, except a light stain under the arm pits. didnt even see it until a closer examination of the arm area. it does have a hole, L shaped about 1", in pic, on the front, and the sleeves under the arm, have some moth holes. skirts waist band is made out of a red L ribbon. 1 sleeves puffing, from gathering has come undone. there is no way to close the back of the top corset, or the skirt. i do not know if the outfit was unfinished, or what. scarf has part of the black ribbon coming off it just needs to be resewn on. its a small size. mannequin likes to wear a size 4, outfit was to small for her so a size S to XS would work best. i actually wanted to have it framed, i thought it was real pretty, and such an unusual color. since i live around the gold rush territory, i always wondered what kind of woman wore this outfit. please feel free to ask me any questions, i love to combine shipping, so please check out my other items, thank you, and happy bidding! I love making deals, so if you don't like the price make a best offer!

measures lying flat:
length, 16"
bust, 16"
waist, 11"

length, 32"
waist, 15.5"

From Me:

I'd love to know whether this "costumer" really said 1895 (and the seller is just dyslexic) or if the costumer is just clueless. I mean, those sleeves! The color is not unusual at all (I know I've posted several red outfits and have a lot more in the queue) so I'm not sure what she is speaking about there. I find it odd that the skirt is big enough for me to wear without a corset but that the bodice is so small. Given the length of each in the photos, I'm guessing this was for a young girl and not a grown woman.

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