Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1920's (?) Red Dress

From the seller:

A flirty flapper era party dress that's styled on a cranberry color silky ribbed fabric with gorgeous antique lace inserted at the neckline and lays over the bodice ~ wide ruching around the hips ~ a bias flared skirt ~ and a soft cranberry belt with a filigree & rhinestone buckle.

VINTAGE ~~ 1920's


FABRIC ~ ~~ ~ ribbed silk?

MEASUREMENTS ~ 38 1/2" length, 16 1/2" shoulder to waist, 39" bust, 30" waist (dress is a slip on, no closures), 36" hip, 98" hemsweep.

CONDITION ~ ~~ You can see in the photos that there's a little damage by the arm seams and there's puckering mostly on the skirt that was probably made in storage from the way it was folded, maybe against the buckles on the belt? and should come out when steamed? There's a little stress in the darts at the back of the neckline but they're hidden under the lace and there's three missing rhinestones on the buckle. The fabric is sound and strong.

From Me:

At first, I thought this was early 1990's put in the wrong category until I looked at the close ups. My guess is this is late 1920's (1928, maybe?).

BTW, Happy Leap Day! One of my cubical-mates is 8 years old today. :-)

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