Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Titanic Era Dinner Dress

From the seller:

Antique Victorian Satin Lace 1890s Wedding Dress. Very old original Victorian era wedding dress, just delightful and enchanting, made of a satin like material and lace with glass beads and fringe. The condition is fair to good, well over 100 years old, the color looks OK, it is a creamy satin color, there is a tear under the arm, few spots but not many, and there is some fraying in the satin in a couple places, so the condition is Fair to good, more on the fair side. The dress is a nice large size, it looks to be about 7/8, it measures about 58" long and the waist is about 32". Amazing antique dress, not often seen! A must have for your collection! Thanks For Looking!

From Me:

.....Not Victorian. Not 1890's. And most likely not for a wedding. This is a wonderful example of the early teens. Look at that fringe!

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