Thursday, February 9, 2012

White High Neck Summer Dress

From the seller:

Up for sale is this stunning vintage wedding gown/long dress. I have never seen such detailing and craftsmanship in a dress like this before. I am sure in its day it was quite expensive to make and probably comes from a wealthy family who had the means to have it made. The embroidered net lace is in excellent condition and is the basis for this whole dress. The bottom has 2 tiers that are finished with a fancy embroidered edge. There is a lovely 3" lace piece that runs along the front, back,waist, cuff and hem. After careful observation I realized that every 1" of the lace has a hand sewn medallion that is stuffed with a small cotton piece to give it dimension. There is a hook and eye closure at the back up to the 3" lace collar. Along the front bust is an embroidered pattern on both sides of the lace. Considering its age this dress in in excelent condition with no rips or tears. It can easily be worn or put on display as an exquisite work of art. It measures 16" bust, 16" sleeve length, 15" shoulder width, 13" waist amd 51" dress length. This piece is truly a work of art and history. Thanks for looking !

From Me:

I need to record that the seller wanted $1,400.00 for this. Although lovely, it's not worth that. Not even close. If he moved the decimal over a space to the left, it'd be a lot closer.

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