Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Early 20th Century Straw Hat

From the seller:



This wonderful completely SEWN Antique 1910 Edwardian PEACH Chiffon hat is so beautiful! It is made of peach chiffon swirled around the crown and tucked with chiffon into an elaborate chiffon floral at the crown. There are diamond shaped chiffon pieces sewn around the straw brim which is a half-moon shape.

The underside is completely lined in chiffon and silk.

There are no labels.

What an incredible piece of history!

This lovely 1910 ANTIQUE HAT would have been a head-turner in its day!

There is some wear to this hat which adds to its authenticity. Some of the peach chiffon is mildly discolored and worn; there is stictching loose around the backside and a wearing of the chiffon in some areas; there is a small spot at the brim; the underside has some wear and discoloring. Otherwise, this hat is in remarkable conditon for its age!

This hat is so incredible and would be a lovely addition to your hat collection or to wear to a Edwardian Tea.

This hat measure 13 inches across.

The inner circumference is approximately 21 inches.

From Me:

Isn't this fabulous?

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