Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Burgundy Bustle Gown

From the seller:

Absolutely stunning ,rich deep burgundy silk taffeta 2 pc.walking suit

or dress.It consist of an ornate top,and a fabulous taffeta bustle skirt

The top has very tight fitting sleeves and it is designed to totally

cling to your body,There is corset boning on the inside and some

Fabulous ruching both on the front and back.The front comes to a point

and the back has this fantastic bow design to lay over the bustle.

The skirt is cut full and has the same ruching down the front like

the top and the hem is all knife pleated. The bustle though just

sets apart this wonderful dress. I do not however have the original

bustle cage or padding. :( I used a pillow to show original look.


Material :Burgundy rich silk taffeta


Size : S


Waist : 26"

Bust :39"

Length : 22

Sleeves : 20 1/2"

Across back between shoulders : 12 1/2 "


Waist :26"

Length : 39" to 41" For petite length

Hips : Full

Condition : Good to Great

the top: Both underarms have perspiration stains and some

splits of fabric under right arm.

the skirt: great condition.. nothing to mention

From Me:

I love that the seller did try to show the look with a pillow (too bad it wasn't under both skirts! :-) I think I might want to recreate this one - the detail work is simply drool worthy.

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