Thursday, February 16, 2012

Green-Blue Bustle Era Dress

From the seller:

Early 1900’s woman’s Dress (Photos 1 & 2)

Here is a fantastic early 1900”s skirt and blouse satin or taffeta, greenish blue fully lined suit. See photos 1 & 2. The lining is sewn into seams. I will attempt to describe the details of this lovely skirt and blouse suit. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to send an email with questions.

First let me say that for its age it is in remarkable condition. There are a few tears or worn places in the fabric primarily at the waist band of the skirt, and at a couple seams on the bodice and the sleeves show wear, but minimally. The lace is in excellent condition. The use of lace is rather unique, at least to me.

Starting from the front of the BODICE: (Photos 3, 4, & 5. It is fully lined. Most of the seams are sewn by machine however, all theruffles are hand sewn onto the skirt. It is 26” in the waist. It could be let out and you would gain about 3 inches. The side seam adjustment for waist size is all sewn by hand. There are 16 pleats ½” wide across the front bodice. The hook & eyes (photo 5) that are used are very old fashioned; there are 13 of them from high neck collar down to the waist. The collar is a stand up collar with lace around the neckline. There is a lace inset 3 inches wide on the front of the dress..

SLEEVES/ Underarms. There is ¼” piping at the shoulder/sleeve seams see photo #4. It runs from the front, over the shoulder to the back. But, it does not reach the underarm junction with the bodice. It is likely it was used as reinforcement for the sleeve and bodice seams. Sleeves are 19” long plus 2 ¼” lace at wrist. The sleeve underarms have some discoloration and a small ½” tear near the piping As seen in photo #4 The left underarm is slightly discolored, which you may be able to see in photos 3, 4, and 10. The shoulder seam from collar to sleeve is 5 ½”. There are stays in the back. The right is 10” the left is 8”; a slight irregularity.


It measures 15” from collar seam to waist. 1 ½” gathers from waist to where the lace intersects the peplum. Speaking of peplum there is lace on only one of the two. (You can see the small gathers on the left peplum (Photo 10 or 11).


Fully lined with cotton and crinoline it is 40 inches long from waist to the hem. There is a 2 inch lace at the skirt hem, barely visible at the bottom hem. Of course, The hem shows wear. The waist is 23 inches and there are hook and eyes allowing a variable waist size up to 26". As with the bodice you can easily hook the waist up to 3 inches more. ( See photo 7)There is an 8” long by 3” mock flower attachment at the front right side. Two of 2” pleats run horizontally from center front to side seams. 9 ½” down from the waist begins 2 - 1 ½” gathers run horizontally across the front of the skirt. Beneath the gathers a beautiful lace piece is from side to side. The lace is 11” wide. There are two rows of-11” wide gathered laces and attached nicely to the skirt. There is one tear in the side skirt seam about 2" long, easily fixable.

On the left front waist has a 9” green ruffles dropping to the lace at left which is 11”; then a series of 5 ruffles dropping 6” to the second lace and then to the bottom ruffles.

SKIRT BACK: See photo 2 #8;

The back of the skirt measures 40” long. On the left side hip area is a 3” to 5” gathered placket that are gathered, (these are not matched on the right side). Below the gathers are a series of five – 2 inch wide exaggerated sewn pleats ending with points over the gathers see photo #9 from the left to the back center. See photo 2.

The pleats at the right side are not stitched like the ones on the left. There are pleats on the back left, but they are not stitched on the right side. (See photo 2)

List of photos and descriptions:

Photo 5 – View of inside with bodice hooks

Photo 10 – Shows peplum 1 with lace & 1 without lace and underarm discoloration

Photo4 – Shows tear under right sleeve & worn seams.

Photo 6 – Nice photo of front of skirt

Photo 7–Front faux flower

Photo 4– nice view of piping at shoulders.

The dress was Mom's and found in a cardboard box with other period clothes. . She had a nice 1906 antique car and loved to dress in period correct clothes. The condition of this dress is very nice. There do not appear to be any holes or other damage. I have looked it over closely.. I have not laundered or pressed it (so it is somewhat wrinkled) - I will leave that to the buyer. I will be very careful at packing it.

Please email questions before purchasing as this is a nonreturnable item and buyer takes in "as Is" condition.

From Me:

It's not 1900's, but -most likely- 1870's. I adore the color and the use of lace.

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