Friday, February 3, 2012

Edwardian Maternity Corset

From the seller:

In the next several auctions, I am offering for your consideration a collection of antique and vintage clothing. In this auction, you are bidding on an antique Edwardian underbust corset with multiple lacing: center back and both sides, and both sides of the front. absolutely love love love the design. marked "H & W 26". with garters (elastic gone) , missing 2 clips. discolored but appears unworn. Measurements: length: 14 Thank you for bidding

From Me:
I was curious about the label and researched this one. :-)

The Ebay Auction the Ad is From
H&W was a large corset company, it looks like, during the Turn of the Century and Teens Era. The ad above shows a corset that is strikingly similar to the corset in this post. 26 probably refers to the size it will give you, a 26" waist.


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