Thursday, February 2, 2012

Actual Edwardian Sari Dress

From the seller:

Antique blue silk and lace early 19C Edwardian gown dress. Unlined but with overlapping layers of skirt. Closes at side with and back with hooks and loops. Front fabric covered buttons are decorative only. Recently cleaned. The shoulders both have rips in the fabric, the lace is yellowed and there are some very, very faint yellow spots on skirt.

Length 56"

Bust 32"

Waist 24"

Hips 38"
From Me:

First, oh my!  I've seen many costumers (including myself) go to using saris rather than more traditional silk fabric to to the recent price inflation but here is an extant example of people doing the same thing in period.  Woohoo!

Second, *sigh*  I really wonder how many people believe they were born in the 19th C and are currently living in the 20th right now.   That whole 21st C, Millennium thing just not quite to their understanding?

Third,  I'm putting this in the 1910s since it looks like it's from around 1909-1913. 

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