Thursday, February 2, 2012

Teens Era Bra!

From the seller:

This original late Edwardian, early 20's, antique corset cover is a divine confection of watered silk roses in pinks, lavender, blues and gold on an ivory background brocaded with delightful pansy blooms, striped with frosted aquamarine and sugared lemon, accented with pulled stitching and trimmed with supple goldenrod silk. Hand stitched shoulder straps, a silk satin drawstring ribbon along the chest and a hidden hand stitched elastic (?) type banding around the bottom make this corset cover fit a variety of silhouettes. 
  The silk is in superb, tug-tested, wearable condition with no splitting or shattering, a few hand stitches are needed at the side seam, the hidden "elastic" at the bottom has lost it's umph and the drawstring along the top seems appears to need spaced more evenly but remains a lush, vibrant example of a wearable late Edwardian corset cover.
Measurements are approx. and taken from the outside of the dress:
      Bust: 40"     Waist: 38" as pictured and not tightly gathered - can be made smaller, of course, for a custom fit

From Me:

This is so lovely and colorful! I wish the dress it went with was still around. This is pretty much a bra. Although it would go over the upper part of the corset, corsets, by this point, were essentially underbust.This was to wear beneath those sheer bodices and to cover the chemise that would show through.

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