Friday, February 3, 2012

Early 1880's Corset

From the seller:

A splendid 1870-1880 tan cotton corset.  The corset is decorated with green embroidery.  The corset has two gussets on each side of the bust line.  The front opening was once trimmed with green embroidery and the stamped outline is visible.  The top is trimmed with lace and the bottom hemline is trimmed with a band of linen.  The corset has a front hook closure and back lacing.  The lacing is original to the corset.  The corset is in very good and sturdy condition.  The front bone has broken through the top and bottom and will need some minor re-stitching.  There is some minor color loss on the inside waist area.  A wonderful example and a great addition to any collection.  Bust 34 Waist 26 Hips 30. Front length 14 Side length 11 Back length  14.

From Me: 

I know. This looks very very similar to the first one I posted. I had to double check too. It's not - the embroidery is different, the sizes are different, and this one doesn't have the back modesty panel thing. Pretty cool to see two very similar ones though at around the same time.

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