Monday, February 6, 2012

1850's Bonnet

From the seller:

This is a gorgeous Victorian silk spoon bonnet from the 1850 - 1860s, Civil War era, and was possibly a wedding bonnet. It still has it's cord attached (to hold onto on a windy day so that the bonnet does not fly off). I have a feeling that the bonnet was collapsible originally and later wires were placed inside to keep it open due to the cord that is attached on the top. It is wire and reed construction with silk over the frame. The bonnet may have been white but has since aged to a cream color. It is decorated with pink and pale blue fabric flowers - which I am not sure if they are original to the bonnet. The silk has several holes from pin dot to pea size in some places, mostly on one side (photo) and the edge of the brim has a few breaks and worn spots. There is also a stain on the side with the most holes. The bonnet measures: head opening...17 around" around brim opening...31" crown ( from brim to back)....8" back...4 1/2x 5" brim width...4" curtain .....2 3/4" I have described this item to the best of my ability - if you have any questions please ask me before bidding. Please do not bid if you have no intention of buying. I take Paypal only at this time. Buyer is to pay all shipping and insurance.

From Me:
I'm very sure the lady that made this was thinking of the calash bonnets from almost 100 years before her (they were worn well up into the 19th c too. Maybe this is what they evolved into?)when she made this beauty. I adore the bonnet and sort of want to make one myself. Hmm....

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