Monday, February 6, 2012

Late 1860's/Early 1870's Dress

From the seller:
Late 1860's Grey fringe and lace gown. 3 pieces. Bodice, skirt and over-skirt. Material is in very strong sturdy condition. extremely wearable in my opinion. the waistband is tearing in places but is repairable. some minor tears hear and there, nothing I feel needs mentioning. 2 or 3 faint spots.... one button missing and it doesn't even matter because the button is hidden by fringe anyway---have had this gown for years and just now noticed the missing button. the buttons were originally covered in fabric, which has mostly worn off from being buttoned and unbuttoned through the 150 years of its existence... measurements are approx. 33 inch bust 24 inch waist. hips are free .... the lace collar like scarf is not original to the gown but i will include it if you want--- there is lace at the cuff of the sleeves that IS original to the gown---message me with any questions or additional photo's. Thanks

From Me:

Edit: I originally had this labeled as the 1850's and I'm not sure why. It's so clearly early bustle that I can't think of why I'd have it as anything else...

1871 Fashion Plate

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